DAUMIER X JUSTICE LEAGUE the Background of Cooperation
DAUMIER X JUSTICE LEAGUE, cooperate to design the JUSTICE LEAGUE Limited Edition Wristwatch Collections, playfulness and featuring the unique superhero style.
DAUMIER JUSTICE LEAGUE Wristwatch Collections are designed by the European designer team. Adopt the 6 superheroes in JUSTICE LEAGUE: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, as the theme. To complete this important mission, DAUMIER gathered the elites and experts of the entire team, including the automatic movement experts, three-dimensional drawing team, watch engineers, design team, etc. to complete the design and production tasks of JUSTICE LEAGUE wristwatch in the shortest time frame. Same as the story of Justice League, “You Can't Save the World Alone".
Design Concept of JUSTICE LEAGUE Limited Edition Wristwatch Collections
The three collections include:
1)      DEVIA Collection
Worldwide Limited Edition 333 Pieces
Inspired by the helmets and armor design of the JUSTICE LEAGUE superheroes. The stereoscopic three-dimensional watch dial, a new hour, minute and second scale discs design, the demonstration of European minimalist design style. 
2)      MUTATE Collection
Worldwide Limited Edition 666 Pieces
The design of MUTATE Collection has fully reflected the personality of superheroes. Changing components, such as bezels, crown guards, straps, etc. is the prominent feature of the collection. The watch design inspirations come from the weapons and combat equipment of the superheroes.
3)      ELITES Collection
Worldwide Limited Edition 888 Pieces
Chronograph quartz movement, large-diameter watch case, manifesting the heroic side of the superheroes. The logo and color of JUSTICE LEAGUE superheroes are featured in the watches.
DAUMIER is the Swiss watch brand, with innovative and ahead product design concepts. DAUMIER design team has created the perfect JUSTICE LEAGUE wristwatch collections according to the backgrounds and characteristics of each JUSTICE LEAGUE superhero.